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15 Tips for a Better Interview

Follow these guidelines on your next interview and you will be two steps ahead of the rest.

  1. Be sure to call your Recruiter for an in depth preparatory conversation.
  2. Do your homework. Thoroughly review the job description and the company’s website.
  3. Wear a business suit. Regardless of the environment, it’s still a good idea to make a positive first impression.
  4. Bring plenty of copies of your resume with you, and make sure you offer a clean copy to each interviewer.
  5. Show up 15 minutes early for your interview.
  6. Greet each of your interviewers standing up, with eye contact, and a firm handshake. Ask them for a business card.
  7. Ask each interviewer to describe the position to you.
  8. Take notes during the interview, but be sure to ask your interviewer if it is acceptable to do so.
  9. Avoid negative words and negative reactions. The interview is not the time to show any hesitation or concern about the company or position. If you have concerns, write them down, and address them after the interview through your recruiter.
  10. Have questions prepared for each person you are meeting with.
  11. Focus on your interviewer, do not appear distracted.
  12. Speak clearly, and answer questions directly. Examples of past experiences are great ways to substantiate your answers.
  13. Don’t talk too much. People tend to ramble and get off topic if they are nervous or unsure of their skills…your interviewers know this.
  14. After each interview, shake your interviewers hand, thank them for taking the time to meet with you, express your interest in the position and company, and tell them that you look forward to hearing back from them.
  15. Call your recruiter immediately following your interview.